You are still

In your fullness

Reserved. Even.

You do not serenade us with spectacle

Sunsets, colour and the like

Instead you are delicate

Your face watching us

Your light,

Bright and true

And steady as a candle

You move across the night sky

Sure and smooth

Hypnotic. Your invisible tentacles

Circle us

You hold us in your rhythms

I feel your warmth

On my skin. In my heart

Your wisdom reaches down

Though space

Through the trees that surround me

Shadows on the woodland floor

Your truth, plain to see

I only need

To listen

Published by Rosie Cannon Stories

I started writing poems in my early 20’s and left them on scraps of paper around the house. It wasn’t till my 40’s that I wrote my first ‘proper’ poem. I love writing, telling stories and want to use this blog for recording snippets of life; including real and sometimes magical events that unfold and unfurl right in front of us, making us laugh and cry and sometimes (when we are very lucky) both at the same time!

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