Openness-For Hannah and other friends in the Twitter Community

Openness is so desperately undervalued in our society. We are encouraged to hide: hide behind material things, behind labels, behind expectations and social conventions. When I was little, at least childhood was immune from judgement but not now!

Let’s go back to openness as a quality. It can be quiet and reserved. It has nothing to do with being loud or brash. It is clear and true like moonlight. It waits but expects nothing in return. It allows others in.

Opening our hearts is joyful, playful, warm. It allows others to be comfortable; it enables powerful friendship and deep connection. It requires us to know ourselves deeply and in return it allows us to become powerful beyond our wildest dreams.

And perhaps this is why it is not encouraged in our materialistic society; openness doesn’t fit with profit and greed. But I would argue that it is openness that will help us to find our way out of the mess we are in.

Buddhists advocate the concept of the middle way. We have all heard about it and like the idea vaguely, but probably dismiss it as a weak compromise. However it is the complete opposite. It demands bravery and real dialogue. and that in turn demands a real commitment to opening our hearts and minds. It requires us to take full responsibility for our actions. This requires us to have a much better, and healthier relationship with ourselves. In my Buddhism we call this process ‘human revolution!’

Let’s stop fighting and be more tolerant, more accepting, less judgemental, more mature, more playful, more brave, more open!

Published by Rosie Cannon Stories

I started writing poems in my early 20’s and left them on scraps of paper around the house. It wasn’t till my 40’s that I wrote my first ‘proper’ poem. I love writing, telling stories and want to use this blog for recording snippets of life; including real and sometimes magical events that unfold and unfurl right in front of us, making us laugh and cry and sometimes (when we are very lucky) both at the same time!

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