Summer Holiday 2020 (post Covid)

We set out on your birthday

We two

Searching for comfort

Redemption, salvation.

The car sagged

Burdened by expectation.

The absurdity of moving

Through space

In a small metal box

We headed north

Were we slimmer, richer, wiser now?

Last year felt like

An age ago

Strings of cars, headlights on

Passed us on the other side

Maybe they belonged to

another day

We hit the A1(M)

The road widened

We crawled past blue mountains

Silver clouds against a dark grey sky

Hung in the wing mirror

The road shimmered

you fell asleep

And I felt the weight of your life

In my hands

Published by Rosie Cannon Stories

I started writing poems in my early 20’s and left them on scraps of paper around the house. It wasn’t till my 40’s that I wrote my first ‘proper’ poem. I love writing, telling stories and want to use this blog for recording snippets of life; including real and sometimes magical events that unfold and unfurl right in front of us, making us laugh and cry and sometimes (when we are very lucky) both at the same time!

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